Millions each year struggle with the many changes that silently enter their lives after sports injuries, car accidents, serving in the military, or an accidental bump to the head. 

Even though you can’t necessarily see that anything is different, the person who has the concussion is going through more than they can even explain. And really, there’s a lot going on inside their brain – which can cause a variety of symptoms. Not only may they be experiencing dizziness, headaches, light-sensitivity, nausea, or fatigue, they may also have changes in memory, emotion/mood, focus, and learning.

It can be hard to understand; it happens so fast. Some doctors are quick to prescribe medication, but many concussion sufferers say the medications make them feel even worse. Other doctors might send you home with a few pieces of paper, nothing they can do, just go home and wait to feel better.

 Are you doing everything you can to help support your concussion recovery?

After I got a concussion, and post-concussion syndrome, I struggled to keep my head above water. With my background in health and nutrition, I knew that one of the most pro-active things I could do for myself was support the healing of my brain. But I had a concussion, so couldn’t exactly just attend to my life the same as I had done the week before. How would I gather the supplies I needed to heal my brain without becoming overwhelmed and making my post concussion symptoms worse? As I struggled with piercing headaches, fatigue, and nausea, there were so many days I wanted to give up. But I didnt!

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   Founder, Heal Your Concussion  I’ve created this website to help those of you with concussion or post concussion syndrome gain easy access to information, products, supplements and nutrition to support concussion health, all in a concussion-friendly format so you and your loved ones have everything you need to support your brain health during your concussion recovery.  This means you don’t have to search through big websites, scour through books, or get lost in the stress & confusion of stores to find what you need. Enjoy! 

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