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NFL football players who had multiple concussions showed up to 25% improvement in memory, motivation, sleep, attention, mood, and increased blood-flow to the brain after 6 months of a healing regime with high-potency fish oil, supplements, & healthy lifestyle.


Well-documented studies show specific vitamins, nutrients and supplements can have a powerful impact on the rehabilitation of concussion/brain injury.  I’ve read the studies and scrutinized the companies that supply the products.  My background in health and nutrition, along with my own experience with a concussion (and post concussion syndrome), led me to specific products from pure & ethical sources, with powerful substances to help.

 Below you’ll find a simplified process to access the essentials for concussion recovery. Clicking on the pictures of the products below will get you right to the page for each product; read reviews (they’re all 5 stars!), and you’ll be right on their most simple product pages. This should save some time and brainwork!

1. Fish Oil : Reduce Brain Swelling

Top Choice: “Skate Oil” 

Full Range of Omega’s / DHA

Vitamins A, D, E, & K.

One of the best fish oils out there when it comes to fish oil after a concussion. Concentrated doses have shown many positive effects on the brain after injury.

Unlike other fish oils, has more essential enzymes, vitamins, & nutrients.

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Choice 2: Fermented COD liver oil 

• Reduces inflammation and repairs neurons in the brain.

• Omega 3’s and Vitamin D.  A miracle superfood supplement for concussion recovery, kids too.

(there are alternatives to capsules – I prefer the cinnamon gel)

Click on the bottle to read reviews and more details.


Studies of brain health and fish oil are everywhere – see the video below for an amazing story of someone who used high doses of fish oil to recover his brain from a devastating accident – if it was that effective for him, imagine what it could do for a concussion.

  2. Cell Salts : Replenish & Repair

 Cell Salts replenish electrolytes and provide cells with essential minerals for rehabilitation and recovery.

This product is a combination of all 12 cell salts, and many say they can feel the difference quickly. Check out the amazing reviews by clicking on the bottle.

3. B Vitamins like you’ve never known.

“high-energy, end-chain, living B vitamin complex derived from live sources for high cellular resonance – never before available”


4. Arnica


A powerful way to reduce inflammation & swelling! Take these as soon as you can after a concussion.

 5. Curcumin


Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory and can be very successful in reducing brain inflammation after concussion.

6. D Vitamins

7.  CoQ10& Resveratrol

Many studies have proven the success of these components in helping to heal your brain after injury.

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