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  1. Today at practice I got hit by a blitzing linebacker and after it kind of hurt for a second then I just carried on with practice. Towards the end of practice I started to notice a headache (I thought it was because of lack of water) now about 5 hours later I feel slow, tired, headache still, a little bit of blurred vision, and obviously nervous because I don’t want my coach to know but I know it’s best if I tell him just to be safe. I didn’t think the hit was that hard as it was towards my facemask more but I don’t know

    • John, that sounds like a big blow! I hope you’ve told your coach as it sure is best to tell him (there can be some serious issues including even death if you play after having a concussion). How are you feeling now? Hopefully better! Be sure to look around the site for some simple ways to take care of yourself – even if you don’t have a concussion, taking fish oil and the others listed here can be helpful to you. Thanks for leaving your comments you’re one of so many who are going through this right now with football season starting up. Stay safe out there John!


  2. I’ve played soccer for 21 years and have had 5 concussions. Oh God, it’s not fun, not fun at all. I have repeating headaches and the worst of all, I have the WORST memory. I honestly can’t remember what I wore or what I did or ate yesterday. When I try to think about things that happen, I end up getting even more headaches. People don’t understand that this is an issue for me, they just say “oh, it’s just you getting old”. No, it’s not. I cry sometimes because I would give anything to remember certain things. Before I had my concussions, I had the BEST memory ever, I could remember an entire paragraph word for word. Now I can’t even remember the first 5 words. I wish there was a way to improve my memory..Or is there?

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  4. I was afraid to get outside, did not hang out with friends – and usually handed every Facebook occasion request by. Since it allows me to have all my emotions out and obtain a good exercise at once I really like my punching bag and wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is so easy and fun to work out today. It also motivated me to use the gym and to swim.

  5. Concussion…I had absolutely no idea how it could change one’s life. My 13 year old son suffered a concussion on September 26th. He spent seven days in the hospital and could not walk for three weeks. As his recovery continues, he goes to physical therapy once a week and has daily exercises for his vestibular system. Like John, my son had a concussion early in his football season. We did not know because he hid his symptoms. His concussion on September 26 was a secondary concussion. That is why his post concussion symptoms were so severe. He has been brave, worked hard, and has allowed his brain to rest. Thanks to amazing doctors and many blessing from GOD…he is healing. In our society, concussion has become a million dollar buzz word. However, information about the signs and symptoms remain unknown. Most importantly; in the football world, a concussion is not always a result of one BIG HIT. My son was on the line and a linebacker. Impact was a constant for him, it was NOT one big hit. It was a series of them-big and small. So please, have the courage to tell your coach or your parents how you feel. If you experience symptoms; such as, dizziness, headache, black spots, blurred vision, etc. tell your coach or a family member. That takes courage! Be courageous…tell someone!

  6. December 17, 3 days before my birthday and 4 days before one of the biggest tournaments for wrestling, I suffered a head trauma. After practice I felt normal, but slowly I started developing a headache so I decided to sleep. The next morning when i woke up the pain in my head was unbearable and my vision was so blurry I couldn’t read any of the streets signs on my way to school. The next day I finally decided to go to the doctors and I was diagnosed with PCS. Me being so anxious to go back on the mat asked when I could start practicing again. The doctor said to wait about a week. It has been around 2 and a half months and i still have PCS. The symptoms of my concussion have gotten better,and after reading parts of your blog I have decided that I have to work with this concussion and not around it.

  7. Iv had a bad concussion for 1.5 years now…. And I just need to know it’s possible to still heal?! Anyone out there with a story? I need some hope!

    Thanks! Blessings Heather

  8. In April 2013 I was assaulted by a drunk Heavyweight boxer at a bar where I play music. He hit me once in the jaw and that send me flying across the room and the back of my head hit a brick wall. I was knocked out only from the time I was hit to the time i fell down the wall, I remember falling down the wall.
    Apart from chipped teeth, bruised body and a really sore jaw, I seemed fine until 2 weeks later when I noticed (about the time the jaw pain subsided) a continual headache appeared. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with a delayed concussion. It is now 2 and half years on and I am still having difficulties. I have been on various medications. Amitriptyline (made me anxious), Epilim (made me feel stoned), Abracelebrex, Gabapentin, a few others and prozac. No medication really worked for me, I was experiencing cognitive problems, I am a musician, sound was no longer being filtered properly in my head and everything would appear to be the same volume. I got migraines daily, felt constantly nauseas, headaches at the lower back of my head, headaches at the front of my head, visual problems in my left eye.
    I had half a year off work and with no real recovery I started to introduce work again. I taught guitar for a few hours a week which was very taxing on my cognitive function. I did 2-4 hours a week work on music. Music was ok as long as I didn’t force any music and just treated the music as a meditation session, playing jazz and improvising seemed to help me feel better about myself and I am hoping was helping re-train some of the damaged pathways in my head.
    I eventually developed panic attacks and was put on prozac. I am dealing with the effects of the assault and the concussion so I am guessing everything is a bit more complex.
    I have tried osteo, physio, exercise, diet, doctors, physcologists, occupational therapists, you name it I have done it.
    The biggest change for me was 2 years after the incident when I stopped drinking the occasional beer. I never got drunk while I was experiencing the concussion but I would have 1-2 beers every few days in the evening. Stopping those occasional beers seemed to reduce the headache and help reduce the nausea that I have been experiencing since the incident.
    However I recently took a turn down hill and have been feeling like I can’t string a proper thought together from beginning to end. I am OK on my own but interacting with people becomes stressful and hurts my head.
    From what the neurologists tell me, I have to treat this like depression not like a brain injury as the brain injury has healed now. So I try to stay positive, do meditation and try not to get in stressful situations but… life is life and sometimes it throws you a curveball aimed at you head! I am going to try cutting coffee out now to see if that helps at all. But I am guessing it is only time that can heal this. Thanks for your site, it keeps my mind off things.

  9. I am on my 4th concussion. I am a competition dancer. My first I got dropped on my head by my dance partner( 3 months recover). Second I banged by head off the floor while doing floor Ariel circuits(2months recovery). Third I was cutting a tree branch and it fell on my head(4weeks recovery). And finally forth I fell into a car door while they were opening it( 2 weeks and counting). I miss so much school and dance I hate it. I have gotten all of these in 2 years almost 3 now. During my first one I got depressed because I missed seeing all my friends at school and dance. I have a tendency to go back to my dance ( 30 hours a week) to fast because I miss it so much. I wanted to ask if you had any ideas for faster healing time. I rest every day but I need more things to heal faster. I was also wondering concussion prevention. I’m very scared for the rest of my life if I can’t live without getting concussion every year. I really just need someone who can relate to me thanks Maddy (15years)

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