Concussions & Rest

RELAXStop! If you have a concussion you need to make sure you are not participating in your normal activities (including physical, emotional, mental, tv, phone, & internet!) Relaxation is vital when you are living with a concussion or post concussion syndrome, and it can affect the way you feel drastically. It doesn’t sound hard, but, can actually be quite tricky. Do you know how to relax? Like many others, I had to learn to relax in a whole other way once I had a concussion. We all know learning something new requires effort, which can be tricky when you have a concussion even if the task is simply to relax. But it’s clear that the brain heals most when you’re calm, so if that’s what it takes to help my brain heal, then I’m in. It’s important to relax before you’re stressed out. Set out a daily routine with scheduled times (try setting alarms on your phone) to completely rest. Here are some of the tools I have found to be essential:


cut out noise and rest with ocean sounds 


After over a year of feeling terrible, I started listening to ocean sounds. They are so relaxing and help me feel calm. I listen to ocean sounds whenever I rest. I now sleep through outside noises that used to keep me up.


I’ve found a lot of my favorite meditations here.

Make sure to keep in mind that a lot of background music may be too much to handle.

Deepak Chopra has created this meditation to help people heal. I am lucky to have found this.


click on any link to open in a new window,

Rescue Remedy to the Rescue

Rescue remedy is a savior for helping you instantly de-stress. I carry one around with me and have one next to my bed, it is a natural way to relax that works for so many.


Zen contains essential components necessary for brain recovery and does a fantastic job at taking the edge off.

Suggestions? Reviews?  Leave your comments below.

Tip: I rarely go without polarized sunglasses outside, inside stores and other buildings with bright lights due to light sensitivity from my concussion. The polarized lenses reduce glare, which in turn reduces mental overwhelm and headaches.

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