Concussion Recovery Tips

You can already tell you have a concussion; now what do you do about it?


You can drive yourself crazy waiting to do things like you did before. This can be what drives you to depression and anxiety, wanting to be better now. You must learn patience! Things may not be anything close to how you thought they would be; and it’s hard to do anything on those days when you feel you just can’t. Be patient with yourself.  See the small improvements day by day and don’t try to compare yourself to how you were before your head was hurt. Use the discipline you had for your job, school, and direct it towards doing all you can to support your brain health.


Right after you have a concussion you should be resting all day. Turn off all electronics and cancel all activities. Mental & physical rest is essential. If you have post-concussion syndrome, having a schedule implementing rest throughout the day is invaluable.

more: see relax and rest.


is key. You need to feed your brain.

In a nutshell, your best bet is to figure out a way to get cooking, whether it’s by yourself, or with the help of someone helpful, if that’s an option for you. Learning to change what you’re feeding yourself can change everything, and yes, it’s likely overwhelming; but the importance of giving your brains certain things and limiting others things is absolutely worth it. I like to keep it simple. Get some basic, simple, delicious, healthy meals and snacks that I want to eat; turn it into something enjoyable. My challenge : Yes – I will make a burrito better than any restaurant in town – using organic and healthy ingredients without preservatives or any bad stuff. Avocado, beans, organic beef, organic lettuce and other veggies, olives, organic sour cream, and salsa, and a healthy tortilla. Boom – a super healthy meal made at home with tons of brain healthy food and pretty easy. This, is where I started.

Cooked oils (anything fried), sugar, caffeine, alcohol, artificial colors and flavors – all of the things you’ve likely heard before are bad for anyone – are especially terrible for your brain when you have a concussion. They’re hidden in tons of to-go foods, more than you would imagine. These foods need to go in order for your brain to get what it needs – but you can do this in a way that feels good, in many ways. The foods you eat can literally completely change the way you feel after a concussion.  Check out the blog post Nutrition for Concussion for more info.



Our brains need sleep more than anything; sleep is absolutely essential for your brain to heal. Get on a sleep routine and consider taking melatonin to assist you in falling into a healthy REM cycle.
 I only use 1/2 a drop – so this bottle has and will last a while. My sleep completely changed after taking this; a solid 8 hours every night! I used to be lucky to sleep a rocky 5-6 hours, leaving me exhausted all of the time. Our brains need sleep to recover, restore, and repair; mandatory for the concussion recovery process. This melatonin is spectacular ; it is live-source, probiotically-generated, which  basically means it’s really effective because it’s delivered to your cells in a more efficient way.

The key to taking Melatonin is to take it 20 minutes before you are laying down for bed. This does take a little bit of planning, which is good, so decide what time you’re going to bed, and stick to it.


 See Essentials for Recovery for an easy access way to get some of the most important supplements for your brain. Proven studies, lots of articles, none of which are here. If you have a concussion you shouldn’t be spending much time online, so I’ve provided easy links to order each product on amazon.


Reach Out

Find people you trust that you can open up to about your experience. Some of the most relief I have personally found, which has been valuable beyond words, is being able to share and talk with others who have had a concussion and post concussion syndrome.


Connect with others and find out how they’ve made it through this experience. If a concussion has affected your life, leave your comments below to share with the many others around the world reading.


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  1. Hey Lucy,

    Wow I’m glad I bumped into you on fb as using Salt Tissues has made a massive difference to my life. Without this amazing find I would be struggling and probably wouldn’t have my son.
    My accident was on Xmas eve. I’m still very angry with the young women, Whose stupid decision has had a major impact on my life.
    I had an amazing memory and so much confidence both have been effected by the accident.
    I’m still mourning the loss of elements of me.
    On the plus point I took more control and cut loose people who held me back.
    Things I love are taking life slower not sweating the small stuff and being more at peace. I love my 4 year old son when he finishes my sentences it’s a lovely closeness.
    It could take 2 years till I get better if then.
    It took a second.
    The salt tablets have given me energy and concentration. My sleep pattern is better and I cope better. I recently stopped taking them as I thought I’m better etc but then I forgot to take them. My horrendous crash symptoms came back with a vengeance. Everything nausea, headaches, sleeplessness, lethargy, sweet cravings wow. Very scary.
    I’m coping and trying to move forward. My confidence grows daily and I hope one day to go back to Bikram Yoga :-) baby steps :-) xxxx
    Ps when I’m subject to a stressful situation I find coconut water really helps x

    • Hello! I’m currently still coping with these symptoms from post concussion syndrome.. if that is what it is called. I’m so interested I’m which tissue salts you took/ take. I would appreciate any info. Trying to find healthy things to help. I’ve been downing sour candy to help nausea, if I can keep it at bay. But anyway…I know sugar is so bad and now even more so. Anyway…thank you. Hope you are doing very very well. Emily

  2. Hi,

    Thank you very much for your website! My concussion happened on Christmas Eve this past year and I found your website to be invaluable. Using the supplements, getting plenty of rest, and most of all, getting a better expectation of what lies ahead, has been very very helpful to me. Thank you so much for taking the time to put together his website!

    • James,
      This is music to my ears.
      Thank you, so much for taking the time to share your story. I am so happy that the info I’ve shared has helped you. It brings me so much happiness to know that my experiences can help. It’s been a long road but this helps make it worth it.

  3. I was wondering if all of your suggestions can apply to children? My 10 year old just got a concussion.

    • My 10 yr suffered his second concussion in 6 weeks. He is resting I am going to use all of the supplements to get him back and healthy. Thank you for this website.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! And I need encouragement. It has been 5 weeks since my head injury and I’m living with PCS. My body feels pretty good most of the time, but the emotions and anxiety and sensitivity to noise is driving me crazy. This is the first time on my computer in weeks…hello world!

  5. Thank you sooo much for this website. It is so helpful to know others are feeling and have felt what I am feeling. The frustration, the constant need to rest, the ups and downs- and the need to surrender to the time it takes to heal.

  6. This really helped me a lot !! But I have a question is it normal that am feeling like am not here sometimes or I ask my self a lot of questions like is this real ? Please has anymore gone through this help I almost have a month with my concussion

  7. Thank you so very much for your encouraging website. My 2 year old has fallen twice in the past couple of weeks and hit her head pretty hard. While no one can be sure of a concussion due to her age, and she can’t really describe how she feels… I feel so very empowered as a mom to encourage her to eat well, rest a lot, and for me to have clear steps to take to support her healing. I had a concussion 18 months ago from a car accident and this information would have been so supportive.
    Essential oils of Copaiba, Xiang Mao, Trauma Life, and Brain Power were very helpful in assisting my healing process. I rested, and had to take a long 2 week “vacation” from the computer, phone, reading, music, and teaching. With 6 kids in the house, that was not an easy task. I took many naps and allowed myself as much time to relax as possible.
    The best thing that finally assisted my brain in healing from the concussion and PTSD associated with the accident was Healing Touch. The therapist held my head in different areas for 30-45 minutes and then allowed my nervous system to reset, let go of the trauma, and then the static feeling I had finally stopped. I was relieved after the 3rd session to finally be able to drive again without the ripples of trauma I was having.
    I also received a great bit of massage therapy and chiropractic care. It was very healing to be able to be still for an hour to 90 minutes and receive healing touch after my concussion. The therapists often used coconut oil and essential oils. I hope this helps anyone else.
    Thank you again for your wonderful website. I am very encouraged.

  8. Hello

    Thank you for this helpful information. My accident was about a month ago which led to side effects of difficulty walking even around my block. I was extremely athletic and have had to find ways, like yoga, cooking, and reminding myself to be thankful for the small accomplishments. It can be hard to not get depressed about not doing “normal” activities but starting your day being thankful and saying your okay is not a bad method

  9. Thank you for this. I honestly felt all alone here.

    For two months now i have been suffering all alone with mo help from the drs. I am still bed ridden with very little improvement.

    I still canmot see, speek or walk well. My head has yet to stop hurting and the ringing in my ears gets louder and louder.

    Depression has set in and i have no want to move on.

    Its nice to know that there is hope.this has been a living hell for me and all i want to do is get better.

    Thanks for listening.

  10. Hi, thanks for sharing. I recently just got a concussion about 4 months ago, from a football injury. I wanna get back into playing this year in June, but I’m worried about me not getting to play again at all this year. The doctor told me I have post concussion syndrome. I just mostly get symptoms when I over do it such as running or walking way to much. I get small headaches, lightheaded ness, loss of balance, drowsy, and really sensitive to noise at night, but that’s all if I over do it. In the day time I just don’t feel normal. I am gonna try out an hyperbaric chamber and I was wondering if you would know if that would work or if you have any thoughts on what I should do? Thanks. (: – Justin Crooks

  11. I reviewed your site tonite. The info is very helpful. My background is Accounting in being a quick thinker. Slammed crown of head into upper cabinet while doing a Caregiving assignment in helping an elderly couple. Had a Brain MRI two days ago which will be reviewed this Tuesday as to results. My symptoms are extreme dizziness, leg fatigue, nausea and intermittent headache. I only pray that I heal completely in a short period of time. The physician that I consulted with told me to stay off the computer, but being I haven’t gotten a new TV yet the computer is my only source of entertainment. If you have any Recovery Suggestions, please email me. Thank you.



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