Nutrition for Concussions & Mild Brain Injury


Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of brain health after a concussion.  Knowing this, and interacting with the necessary foods, can have a positive impact on your recovery, but when you have a concussion, it’s not as simple as it sounds to feed your brain well.

I was nowhere near close to having the energy to deal with choosing what to eat, shopping for ingredients, or cooking after my concussion. Not to mention the overwhelm I experienced dealing with a messy kitchen, dishes and clean up.

I had spent a lot of time learning about one of my biggest passions-nutrition and food. Fast forward to the concussion-land:  I didn’t have energy to do anything. Plus, I was nauseous all the time. Doing research on foods to help my brain was one of the last things on my list. But because of my background, I was well aware of the importance of getting nutrients from specific foods to support brain health.

 The problem was, I couldn’t organize the steps easily because of how the concussion had affected my brain. Prior to my concussion, I didn’t even realize that there were steps – it was a natural flow that happened effortlessly. Now this was, to say the least, frustrating to grasp. I needed to find out what foods were best for my brain. After I found out what I needed to be eating, I still had to write everything down, go to the store and find the ingredients (those of you with concussions probably know what I mean – bright lights & 10 million choices for everything = disaster). After that, I still had to  find a recipe (or try to remember one), and THEN make the meal. Don’t even mention clean-up. It was clear – I needed to learn a new way to shop, cook, and eat.


Stay away from:

Cooked oils (anything fried), sugar, caffeine, alcohol, artificial colors and flavors – all of the things you’ve likely heard before are bad for anyone – are especially terrible for your brain when you have a concussion. They’re hidden in tons of to-go foods, more than you would imagine. These foods need to go in order for your brain to get what it needs – but you can do this in a way that feels good, in many ways. The foods you eat can literally completely change the way you feel after a concussion.

Brain Food:

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Coconut Oil

A must have! Hands down the healthiest oil, rich in essential fatty acids and a major benefit to your health. Coconut oil is metabolized differently than other oils (it has medium chain triglycerides), and is loaded with medicinal properties. More details : Coconut Oil – Top 10 Evidence Based Health Benefits of Coconut Oil 


Maple Syrup

natural sweetener with healthy minerals – great sugar alternative

Hemp Hearts

loaded with essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory  for brain health, high in protein.

Heal Your Concussion – Meal Ideas

coming soon!!

For now, head over to The Essentials for Recovery , check out the rest of the site, or leave a comment below.




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