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Back in September, I was warming up with my team at a volleyball game when I saw a player on the other team mean mug me from across the court.

I didn’t think anything of it and continued my warm up. Then, as we were all serving to each other I reached for a ball and was turning around and the mean mugger served the ball right at my face when I wasn’t prepared for it.  As soon as the ball made contact with my head all I can remember is that there was just the pain in my head that felt like my brain was dying, and that I had almost fallen over and a teammate helped me stand. Since I have no recollection of the game, I was legally unconscious for an hour. (But hey! Apparently I had played the best game ever! Who knew?! Oh yeah, not me…)

Since then I’ve seen over fifteen doctors in various medical fields, taken numerous tests, had mounds of medication, and struggles with depression, anxiety, ADHD, the symptoms, and my faith. November was when they decided to medically excuse me from school, and start homebound teaching.

It wasn’t till about March when they had finally concluded that it was Post Concussion Syndrome.  It wasn’t until May that I decided to accept that I had PCS, that I wasn’t okay, and that I need to forgive who did this to me to move forward. After I forgave her, I actually felt like I was progressing in the right direction.

Now it’s August, and I’m 98% better! And I’ve realized through the Lord, that this happened so I could learn and do better things! I now have a completely new appreciation for the little things, I have a really positive outlook on life, my relationship with God is stronger than ever, and I’ve been truly inspired by how strong we all are! Now, I just want to be able to show them, that it is rough, but you will get better with time! That someone does know what they mean. That someone does care and want to support them. And that I just want to inspire them to stay happy and make life’s moments count every second we are here!

Thank you for asking me to share my story, it means a lot!


Tabitha Graham (@brainyblondegirl)

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