Concussion Recovery

One of the most frustrating parts about healing from a concussion is the waiting.  When I first got my concussion, I didn’t know how long it would take for me to get better.  All of the doctors kept pushing back my recovery time…three days, three weeks, three months, six months…now I don’t pay much attention to those numbers. At first, I was still running my life waiting for the scheduled date to arrive when I would wake up not feeling like I had just risen from the dead. What I have come to learn is that everyone has an individual concussion recovery time, and there are many ways we can support our brains in healing to their fullest potential.

It’s been over a year since I was in the car accident that caused my concussion. Sometimes things literally come out of the middle of nowhere, it seems, with some interesting twist in life to keep you on your toes…or in bed in my case. Living with a mild brain injury takes much more patience and understanding, from myself and others, as well as faith that day by day, minute by minute, our brains are repairing themselves.

Do some people with concussions wake up one day feeling better? Yes indeed. But for others, or for people who have had multiple concussions, the concussion lingers for an indefinite amount of time. We are left with no real grasp on how long it will take to return to normalcy. I used to say I was waiting for my concussion to go away. I think that made me even more impatient, and deeply frustrated when day after day my symptoms would persist. Having coping techniques and supporting ourselves through proper nutrition, mindset, and supplements is essential to the healing process of a concussion.

For me, this experience has been quite a roller coaster. Days of nausea, headaches, restless nights and non-stop emotional upheaval, to days I laugh and relate and feel thankful for everything that is. As I have learned to manage my symptoms, I have noticed leaps and bounds in the way I feel. It still is a constant responsibility; yet so worth it. I have to take good care of myself. Being empowered with knowing I am doing as much as I can to support my healing makes it so much easier for me to handle. The less overwhelming, the better. And overall, not a bad plan for my life!

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