Sleep & Rest

No channel surfing, reading, tweeting, texting, facebooking, web surfing, youtubing, listening to music, or anything similar. Seriously. This is a time to be in a low-stress, quiet, dark room with just you and as much sleep as possible! (follow any doctor’s orders to be checked on).

No work, no school, no sports, no activities.

This time is essential for your brain. If you don’t take these steps to rest you could feel way worse for days on end, possibly forever.  I know it’s hard to grasp your head around, but ask anyone who has post concussion syndrome. It’s more than worth it, and necessary, to take these steps.


Turn off Electronics

Really, everything should be turned off. Whatever seems pressing is actually not, as if your brain does not heal it will make it much more difficult for you to do anything. Nothing that charges, has batteries, or plugs in.


Make sure to eat brain-healthy foods every few hours, and drink tons of water all day. See Nutrition for Concussions for specifics.


Many studies have shown highly successful results. See The Essentials for Recovery for an easy way to get what you need without overwhelming yourself.


It’s going to be harder than you expect to all of a sudden start living like this. You will surprise yourself. If you don’t have any patience, congratulations. Here’s an opportunity to grow your patience.


  1. I wanna thank you for posting this fantastic information. Keep up this great job. I’ll subscribe to your weblog also. thnx!

  2. Just wondering if you are still feeling the effects or if you were finally cured. I’m about to hit the year mark and just when I think there’s hope that I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel I suddenly have an out of the blue setback and I’m getting really frustrated. Any hope on your end?

  3. This says it all. Why aren’t THESE instructions given out in emergency rooms instead of the “just go home and rest ” advice that I got? (which I believe of course contributed mightily to my PCS). What can we do to change that? It’s malpractice honestly.

  4. Hi – Can you tell us how much of each supplement we should take after a concussion? Also do you have a suggestion for what can help heal slight dizziness/sense of unsettleness? Do you also have a suggestion (in addition to aconite homeopath remedy and rescue remedy what helps with lowering fight-flight after an accident? Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the information it was helpful !

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  8. I am so glad I found your website! I have been home with a concussion for 3 weeks. It’s been a hell. I feel like there is more hope now. God Bless you…..

  9. My 11 year old daughter got a concussion on 10-13-15 on her left frontal lobe area. Due to feeling dizzy, she fell half way down our stairs and hit the occipital lobe of her head and gain another concussion. I’m scared. I want to provide the best care possible. Thank you so much for providing the information regarding this issue. I believe I’m helping the healing but it is slow. It seems as if the providers continue to push her to go to school. They have smart boards in each classroom. I have asked for a referral to a Concussion Clinic Specialist. School is too stimulating. So is the bus. I would like to push the teacher’s patience button…but they might be overwhelmed too. Its a very big challenge. Thanks for listening….Kelly

  10. Would you please share how do you deal with sleeping problem ?

    Thanks in advance !!!

  11. I really like your site! I was wondering if you know anything about supplements or diets to follow to prevent concussions. I’m on my third now and am trying to find holistic approaches to prevent and heal concussions. Thank you!

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