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Hello everyone! I’m Lucy, and I have been recovering from a concussion and post concussion syndrome for over a year. I was studying nutrition and alternative health, driving home from a class when I got hit by an suv on the freeway, resulting in whiplash and post concussion syndrome.

Luckily,  I knew that one of the most pro-active things I could I do for myself was support the healing of my brain.

But there was a problem. How could I know what I needed, and find the products that met my standards (high-quality pure sources, cost, etc), without becoming overwhelmed and making my concussion symptoms worse?

As I struggled with light-sensitivity, headaches, lack of energy, and almost constant nausea, the last thing I wanted to do was research to find information about what could help.

I created this website to help other people with brain injuries gain easy access to information, products, supplements and nutrition to support their recovery without having to search all over the internet or wander stressed & confused in the store.  Everything here is organized in a calm, simple way, so you & loved ones can support your brain’s health during your concussion recovery.



Founder, Heal Your Concussion

If you have any questions, simply leave a comment below & I will be happy to get back to you soon. I encourage all of you to comment and interact within the blog posts!


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